Sep 7, 2005

Random pics #14-17: Repetition

This may bring charges of premature celebration, but in anticipation of our nomination for "Longest string of more-or-less repetitive posts to a weblog or other amateur easily-updated website of interest to few outside a small, fanatic audience," we're going to break stride today at dailysoy by bringing back a long-lost element - visuals. Pictures. Fotografias digitales. Don't worry, to avoid spraining anything we'll ease into it by building on today's theme of repetition.

Repetition as Agent of Climate Control

A farm of genetically-engineered window a/c units just a block or two from the East River in Brooklyn Heights.

Repetition as Protection from the Elements

Typical residential tile roof in mainland Japan, wet from a recent rain

Repetition as Aesthetic Choice, Complexly Layered

Detail of the double skin on a Dior boutique (this one in Ginza, Tokyo, although a new store in Osaka appears to share the overall external appearance). Viewed from a bit more distance, it takes on this pattern. And when the pattern is broken for a sidewalk-level window display, it is done so in technicolor.

Repetition as Meditation Aid

Rock garden at Daisen-in temple in Kyoto's Daitokuji complex.


At 9/08/2005 10:26 AM, Blogger John said...

I've always liked your pics, and these are no different.

Those ACs are pretty funny. The fact they're on each window (a pseudo Chicago-style window it appears, with narrow side windows - operables, perhaps?), with an infill panel, and bracing must mean it's a condo or some 1960s-era building. Do you have a pic of the overall building? If it's Brooklyn Heights, it makes me think it's OLD.

At 9/08/2005 1:14 PM, Blogger eBohn said...

Nah, I didn't get a photo of the whole building, although I thought about it. Aside from the A/C units, it's a rather nondescript brick box occupying the length of a block.

In a neighborhood of OLD and stately, this one property was remarkable for its apparent newness and... lack of taste?


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