Mar 5, 2004

7 minutes from the station, by foot

Safety-Neal asked for pictures of our apartment or building, and here they are:


Our place is upstairs, on the visible corner. We've got the balcony and the bay window next to it. The left pic shows a better view of the Bohn compound, the drink vending machines just down the stairs, and the name of our apartment building - White House - in katakana outside the stairwell. Also note our attractive and healthy specimen of the ubiquitous utility tree, and the fact that people on the second floor hang their laundry outside, but people at ground level do not, for obvious reasons. The right pic showcases our deluxe sheltered bicycle parking. You can also see just how close we are to the street, and how narrow the street is. It's a one-laner, although usually two cars will squeeze by each other. Why do you think they have those convex mirrors up there?

Soy of the Day - lunch, leftover mabodofu.


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