Feb 23, 2004

Lean Postings

I almost forgot to feed this thing. With my book 1 deadline fast approaching, and Rie's final CCNP exam just a week or so away, things are kind of hectic in Nerimaland. And you know... I've come to realize that not posting can be nearly as addictive as posting. Nevertheless, I'll try to hurl something into the maw every day or two.

But for now, we're short on blog-worthy material. How about a diversion...? iDisk has loaned us some space, so a picture of our dog Kona should be visible below (providing the public folder truly is). This was taken a few weeks back during our stay in Nagano. Kona was in her element.
Click on the pic for a full-size version.

Now that we've got a place to upload to, I hope to run a photo every day. Requests are welcome.

Soy of the Day - dinner, hiyayakko.
forgotten Soys of the Day -
 23.02.2004 - dinner, miso soup with green onion and nameko (slimy mushrooms).
 20.02.2004 - dinner, hiyayakko - one block of tofu cut in large cubes, topped with grated ginger and minced leek, with a drizzling of soy sauce and sesame oil.


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