Feb 14, 2004

Japanese fast-food chain wants beef injection

Scandalous! But true.

I only mention this in response to comments received on a previous post, in which I implied that BSE had somehow contributed to my eating less meat. Because it's not only me.

You folks in America may continue to gleefully chow down on grass-fed freedom burgers, taking comfort in the knowledge that Canada fed the guilty cow. But apparently Japan sees things differently.

A ban on US beef went into effect late in 2003, prompting Yoshinoya and other specialty gyudon - or beef bowl - restaurants to revise their menus drastically. Yoshinoya, which uses US beef for 99 percent of its domestic needs, added to its lineup pork, chicken, salmon, and curry dishes in anticipation that the ban would force them to suspend gyudon sales in February or March.

Sure enough, three days ago Yoshinoya took gyudon off the menu at all of its domestic chains.

Okay, so I'm not a Yoshinoya regular. But somebody around here obviously takes the BSE scare seriously.


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