Jan 30, 2004

Two hours

Less than two hours remain for me to:

- Gaze out upon Tokyo's low-lying brownosphere, which is invisible below the tenth floor due to the utter lack of horizon here

- Endure the snorting on my left, compliments of a chronically congested coworker

- Pretend to be busy with tasks that don't exist

- Sit at the middle of a row of desks which extends, in apparent descending order of importance, from department manager to... women

- Wonder why half of my Japanese coworkers refuse to speak Japanese to me

To be fair, I'm also gonna miss:

- Dressing up in a suit and playing "salaryman" every day

- Being occasionally treated to dinner

- My business card, which seems to have an inflated estimation of its own importance

That said, I'd better start cleaning out my desk drawers...


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