Feb 19, 2004

Echsplicit Lyrichs

I didn't check the temperature today, but the kiddies were out in shorts. In February? Crazy children. But I do believe they are our future.

On a lighter note:

How many of you were aware that Mozart composed a vocal tune titled "Leck Mich im Arsch"?

We learned this last night while watching Trivia-no Izumi* (The Fountain of Trivia), one of our favorite weekly TV shows.

My German is a little rusty, but from what I could gather of the Japanese explanation, this song is a tad on the ribald side. The music historian serving as the program's expert was great - he bashfully acknowledged that perhaps Mr. Mozart "did indeed want to be licked." I also found a website yesterday - it's since vanished from Googleland - that mentioned a letter in which Mozart wrote something like "the patricians may all lick my a--." Will we ever learn the truth?

The trivia on this show often draws heavily from episodes of old Japanese TV programs I've never seen, so I'm quite pleased when they sample some good ol' bawdy Western culture. Or harass former Olympian Ben Johnson into humiliating himself again. Either one.

Oh, and they take viewer submissions. So if anyone has any good ideas, hit me with a comment.

*(If you clicked the link and were wondering, the "huh?" they refer to is more like a "heeee" (pronounced as an extended "hay"). This is a typical Japanese expression of incredulity, or something like the Johnny Carson "I did not know that." It's the show's unit. It's funny. And half the cell phones in the country are now set to ring "heeee.")

Soy of the Day - dinner, was gonna be deep-fried tofu in udon, but the deep-fried tofu had gone rancid on us. tofu will go rancid in a few days, and apparently so will its fried cousin.


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