Mar 2, 2004

Mission Accomplished

The big headline on the paper version of today's Yomiuri Shinbun (the website uses frames, so I can't link a story) reads Iraq Doji Tahatsu Tero. I think you get the Iraq part, and the rest translates roughly to "simultaneous terrorist attacks."

The last time I saw the words "Doji Tahatsu Tero" in print this large was... well, almost exactly two and a half years ago. By the way, in Japanese it looks something like this headline (although this one is preceded by "Bei-de" - "in America"). Anyway, the fact that at least one Japanese paper is giving this story similar treatment up-front just served to remind me of what a wonderful success the War on Terrorism has been.

Well, at least we can all relax now, with the bad boys in custody and terrorist activities occurring safely outside US borders.

Huh? What's an Usama?


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