Feb 3, 2005

Kotowaza of the day: Turf consciousness


Uchi benkei

Meaning of Japanese:
A Benkei* at home

English equivalents:
A cock is bold on his own dunghill
Every dog is a lion at home
A lion at home and a mouse abroad

*Musashibo Benkei was a legendary monk, warrior, and strong man immortalized through Japanese folklore and Kabuki. He has also lent his famous name to a part of the human body - 弁慶の泣き所 (Benkei-no nakidokoro), or "the place that (if hit) would make even Benkei cry." While this refers to the shin, it is often figuratively translated as "Achilles heel."


At 2/06/2005 4:19 AM, Blogger Safety Neal said...

Yo! The last two English versions reminded me of a radio program I heard several months ago about the evolution of dogs and one of the guests said: "Inside every dog beats the heart of a wolf." I thought that was a fun way of putting it. I think of that comment when I see fierce little dogs taking on dogs ten times their size. There are lots of dogs in LA, it's a very dog friendly city in many ways. I don't see many dog fights, but lots of dog interaction.


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