Jan 27, 2005

This Valentines Day, say it with bean sprouts

BBC reports that Tomy and Takara have both developed a novel medium for communicating feelings - bean plants which sprout to reveal one of six messages pre-inscribed by laser.
Tomy's offering features beans set in a white egg which "hatch" soon after they are put in water. The plants have a message in French on one side, and a message in Japanese on the other.

"You can have the fun of fortune telling, as you don't know what message will come out until the bean sprouts," Tomy told AFP.

Click the gif to visit Tomy's (Japanese) Mamederumon page

Tomy's products have graced the pages of dailysoy before, when the Flip-Flap was released. Looks like they aim to outdo themselves in the cute department once again.


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