Apr 27, 2004

If you like bobbing heads...

You just might love flapping sprouts!

At least, that's what toy and game maker TOMY is betting on. They have followed up their successful Hidamari no Tami line of relaxing head-bobbers with the April 22 launch in Japan of the Flip Flap.

Flip Flap image from TOMY's Japanese corporate website

The Flip Flap, like the Hidamari no Tami, is solar-powered and the speed of its movement depends on the amount of light available. It comes in a variety of colors, like the Tami, to coordinate with your interior decor. Also similar to the Tami, which fit neatly into the "iyashi-kei" (relaxing) goods category, the Flip Flap appears to be marketed as a low-maintenance substitute for nature, to provide a place of mental respite and happiness for the busy modern person.

Unlike the Tami, the Flip Flap is clearly supposed to represent a plant.


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