Apr 18, 2004

Monday Morning Peek into Google-consciousness

Top 10 results for today's search - "pants"

1. & 2. mister pants: feels good all over - "Mister Pants is an unlicensed caregiver." Lots of silliness to be had here, including this. I think I'll be a regular visitor.

3. No Pants Day 2004 is May 7th - The Knighthood of BUH advocates leaving your pants behind on this day. Austin folks, take notice!

4. Mr. Smarty Pants Knows - He apparently doesn't know much. "Looking for a factoid? Do a single keyword search from Mr. Smarty Pants' subtotal of knowledge about accordions, dinosaurs, flan (the dessert), language, religion, superstitions, sex, sports, Texas, washaterias, and the world of business." But if you ask him about superstitions or washaterias, he comes up empty.

5. Dockers.com

6. Daring Fireball Projects: SmartyPants - "a free web publishing plug-in... that easily translates plain ASCII punctuation characters into “smart” typographic punctuation HTML entities."

7. Where's My Pants??? - Aliens are allegedly abducting our pants, out of anxiety over the acceleration of the universe. I think I need another cup of coffee.

8. The Star Wars Pants Page - "A long time ago, in pants far, far away..." If you've been waiting for a website devoted to inserting the word 'pants' in Star Wars quotes, this is the answer to your dreams.

9. soldiersliced - www.ledpants.com. Freelance illustrator and animator has worked for clients including Microsoft, Disney, and Nickelodeon. Browsing the site might take some time.

10. General Pants Co, Australia


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