Jun 18, 2004

Patio garden progress

So far, what we've got growing on our patio (minus oregano, shiso, cilantro and chamomile) looks something like this.


The left photo shows mint, basil, arugula, more basil, and a goya plant along the bottom, and some struggling thyme and more goya plants along the top. The goya plant in the corner is the most active so far, and the right photo shows the bottom 2/3 of its climb up the netting.

I'm fascinated right now with tracking the taller goya's progress each day, and by the relative speed with which it grabs ahold of the netting. Now that it's begun to flower, there's the added joy of trying to guess which of the early buds will eventually bear fruit.

Here's a male goya flower, with a little bee hard at work. I watched this guy do his thing for about 10 minutes before he wandered off.

This appears to be the beginnings of a goya fruit, with all the bumpy striations in miniature. Because this is the first baby goya we've seen, we weren't sure if it had already bloomed, or if that was yet to come.

Our question was answered the following day. The female flower is obviously much meatier than the male. Here's hoping that little bee came back to finish the job...


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