Jun 2, 2004

Son of the American Dream II

More working parents play 'beat the clock' [CSM]
For decades, nontraditional schedules were largely the province of blue-collar workers, many of whom had a family history of shift work. Today, half of those on nonstandard hours are white-collar, technical, or service-industry workers.

Much of this article deals with parenting, but the overall point is that life is hard when husband and/or wife work shift schedules. Don't I know it... Rie was working a variable-shift schedule (including graveyard) for about a year. She's off that schedule now, but still working 9-9 most days. I told her things would be better when we move to the US. Does this make me a liar?

Somehow I feel cheated. As a child I became convinced that modern conveniences - cars, computers, jelly and peanut butter swirled together in one jar - were improving the standard of living.


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