May 25, 2004


Tapioca, anyone?

I've been subsisting almost exclusively on tapioca pudding for the past four days now. It all started innocently enough, with a dessert idea to finish off our Thai dinner menu last Saturday. But the tapioca pearls at our local weirdo foods store were the small variety. And the recipe I was using turned out to be for tapioca pudding using coconut milk, not the coconutty tapioca drink (resembling bubble tea, or boba, or...) that we had a few weeks back at the Thai Food Festival.

Not one to adjust recipes for smaller portions (what am I gonna do with half a can of coconut milk, anyway?), I whipped up all six cups of the goop... only to discover that Rie won't touch it. She'll scarf down natto like the stanky stuff is going out of style, but detests anything with an oatmealy texture. Like tapioca pudding, or gruel.

Enter Jack Sprat.


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