May 24, 2004

Monday afternoon peek into Google-consciousness

Over a month ago, I started a new dailysoy feature based on my nasty habit of using Google as a plaything as much as a tool. At long last, I bring you the second installment.

Top 10 results for today's search - "fly"

1. FLY GUY - Man at bus stop takes off on flight of fancy, but only at your bidding. Turn up the sound and locate your arrow keys... and choose your in-flight interactions carefully, or you could find yourself back at square one.

2. Virgin Atlantic Airways

3. Digital cameras and digital photography online review guide - Why did this site come up third in this particular search? Will they also top the list if you search for phony dog doo or jock-itch ointments?

4. TerraFly - Kinda cool, approaching invasive. Enter a street address or lat/long coordinates to view or purchase digital aerial photos and topographic maps based on Ikonos satellite imagery. Aerial photos down to census and block group scale, plus other nifty stats about the area in question. Unfortunately, they don't do Tokyo, and their images appear to be old. My folks' new house (built some 8 years ago) is still an empty field, for example.

5. Your personal online coach... - FlyLady helps you get your home and life in order (by Finally Loving Yourself).

6. The Virtual Flyshop - "The leading magazine of fly fishing - the quiet sport."

7. The Interactive Fly: A cyberspace guide to Drosophila development
- One-stop cybershop for all your fruit fly needs.

8. - games

9. Fly The Copter - South Coast Diaries - simple copter game on "the alternative weblog." While you're there, check out the Ant Arena game, too.

10. Bluefly - Designer Brands


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