May 27, 2004

"Author will create many material the however even..."

I Google hard and often, for work and for play.

Today my searches are all to facilitate the translation process, as another deadline fast approaches. While tracking down the English equivalent of every oddball term that comes up in the original text may not be essential to a faithful translation of the author's intent, I'm a stickler for accuracy. Which persistence just led me astray:
I see the site where pretends that it is original and be distributing the material that took back it from the other place recently a lot. However, this hits to the crime that says the infringement of the copyright.
Please recognize that is clearly illegal, although I may be thinking lightly. If I am becoming silent, although I may think that I do not know The Internet is connected somewhere without fail.
"It is so as not to think that" there is not the translation that is absolutely found. Author will create many material the however even if in all of Absolutely know the work of the self.
Please never do even to other persons, to think that you are done and be disagreeable. And, please never do the such imitation that betrays the person who is taking the trouble of believing you.
The owner seems concerned with due credit, so here:

Not to poke fun... someone obviously deserves an "A" for effort (although I suspect that's a shoddy machine translation). But being bothered - nay, tormented - by this stuff is an occupational hazard in this line of business.

Now where are my chill pills?


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