Jun 7, 2004

Monday evening peek into Google-consciousness

Third installment in the widely-adored and misunderestimated series.

Top 10 results for today's search - "compound eye"

1. & 2. ..ooOOhatchOOoo.. - The front page asks you to turn on your sound, which you might consider doing to better enjoy the audio tidbits inside, where you will quickly want to go once you've turned on your sound. Nice diversion for a minute and a half, but for the first time in recent memory I was too impatient to stick around and find out the point of the site.

3. The Compound Eye - succinct description of the arthropod eye.

4. University of Kentucky Entomology for Kids - "Make your own compound eye." Really?

5. Drosophila tissue and organ development: Eye and antenna - This content is for professionals only. Do not attempt to read at home.

6. Compound eye - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - "Currently offline with some database troubles" But it's Wikipedia, so the content is somewhat predictable.

7. Compound eye - Like number 3 above, except shorter and with no pictures. And topped by four or five advertising links on the left and fashionable white ground on the right.

8. Compound eye definition of Compound eye. - I really wish these stupid free dictionary entries would stop appearing in the upper level results.

9. The Compound Eye - Something tells me this wasn't intended for public viewing.

10. I Glasses: A Simulation of a Compound Eye - Goofy, but tempting, but I'm guessing you could make some of these for less than $7.95.


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