Jun 16, 2004

When Separate Ways aren't

I have always had a strong, gut-level dislike for Journey's music. In fact, the deejay at our wedding was specifically instructed to play no Journey whatsoever, under any circumstances.

When I looked at their website, I learned that the band was formed around former members of Santana. This might have put them into a category of music I would like... if only Steve Perry hadn't jumped on board. And if they hadn't become the pinnacle of cheesy arena rock.

But in Japan, where bands like Blur and Green Day rule the import scene, I assumed we were safe from any Journey intrusions. That is, until this evening at the grocery store. I was strolling through the produce section humming along - not quite consciously - with some strangely familiar piped-in tune.

Then it hit me, and my blood froze.
Journey. Separate Ways.

Am I a closet Journey fan? Is everyone of my generation a closet Journey fan?


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