Jun 8, 2004

Yokohama is Transit-of-Venus-happy

Left - A small dark disc, top left, starts to creep across the face of the sun as one of the rarest of celestial spectacles, a transit of Venus, is observed at Yokohama Science Center on Tuesday.
Right - Wearing eye-protective filters, a group of people look [at the transit of Venus] at Yokohama Science Center, south of Tokyo.
photos and text from MDN.


At 10/20/2008 8:06 PM, Blogger noviantiiskandar said...

a colleague of mine, Kubota san, live in Yokohama in his 60th, also sent me several pictures of this venus visit. Amazing. I thought Kubota san done the photo, since he only enclosed description in Japanesse language. then i search in google, and found the answer in your blog! thanks.

i visit Yokohama and Tokyo long ago in 2002 for Tourism expo in Pacifico.

novianti iskandar (vie)


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