Mar 18, 2004

Pakistan a "Major non-NATO ally"??

We will be making a notification to our Congress that will designate Pakistan as a 'major non-NATO ally' - Colin Powell

Since when? This was news to me.

With all the extant punditry in the blogosphere, I promised myself to try and steer away from topics like this.

But I'm angry, and saddened. That Rie and I will return to the US to find a more paranoid police state than when we left almost three years ago. That America, in confused national adolescence, isn't yet ready to stop thinking 'manifest destiny' and Monroe Doctrine and start playing a more responsible grown-up role in international society. That - worst of all - our elected and court-appointed leaders are doing a slipshod job of maintaining relations with old allies and accurately identifying new friends and enemies. (The Real War on Terror is in Pakistan, not Iraq)

More than anything, I just have questions:
  Why are we getting into bed with a major supporter of terrorism?
  Why invade Iraq but not Pakistan?
  Is this because of the nuclear arsenal we know they already have?
  Is this just to get India's goat?
  What's the catch?


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