Aug 1, 2004


View across Shinobazu pond in Ueno Park. Over to the right, the Bentendo Temple is visible above the lotuses.


At 8/03/2004 4:34 PM, Blogger Safety Neal said...

Nice picture. Tokyo must be a fascinating place to live for an architecture nerd like yourself.

At 8/07/2004 12:54 AM, Blogger eBohn said...

Tokyo fluctuates between interesting and frustrating, for a variety of reasons. One of which is that the cramped density can sometimes prevent a real-life view of a place anywhere near analogous to the artist rendering that originally sold the project. But there are little green oases, old temples, and such like this that manage to fend off development and offer some breathing room. I find myself lately telling people 'it's a great place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live here.'

At 8/10/2004 11:55 AM, Blogger Safety Neal said...

Interesting...I've been saying the same thing about LA.


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