May 31, 2006

Kotowaza of the day: On Utility, pt. 1


Muyō no chōbutsu

Meaning of Japanese:
An object that is too long for its intended purpose, and therefore useless

English equivalent:
Useless object, white elephant, dead wood

May 24, 2006

Kotowaza of the day: On the learning curve


Shakuhachi wa narikaketara hangeiko

Meaning of Japanese:
By the time one can finally create a note, the shakuhachi lesson is half finished

English equivalent:
Well begun is half done
Every beginning is hard

Easier said than done


Stre-----tch. Yawn.

Just kidding, I won't put you through that again. But we've had another considerable lapse at dailysoy, haven't we? Some questions probably ought to be addressed, such as, Was I really trapped in the emotional clutches of my Tamagotchi? Why wasn't this site named monthlysoy or bluemoonsoy? How could I be so bold - nay, presuming - as to post my long-awaited comeback opposite the gripping season finale of Lost?

Well, nevermind all that. Let's just say certain developments over the past few months have required a considerable investment of psychic energy. Then there was the indolence... the sweet, sweet indolence. And devotion to some offline pastimes.

Anyway, the usual sporadic posting will resume here. For the time being. And now (with a Jedi-like wave) you will forget the last six months.