Mar 10, 2005

Faces of evil

CSM yesterday ran a focused commentary on the revival of the word evil in our public and private discourse. The article focuses on the dehumanizing/demonizing effects when such non-nuanced language is applied too broadly, and the public responsibility for social ills this language allows us to eschew. More than once it is suggested that we engage less in judgement and more in humble and collective self-examination.

Personally, I prefer the term "wicked."


At 3/13/2005 4:48 AM, Blogger Safety Neal said...

Welcome back! I have missed the kotowaza as well as your sunny disposition.

At 3/13/2005 4:50 AM, Blogger Safety Neal said...

Wicked is good. I also like sinister.

At 3/15/2005 12:21 AM, Blogger Safety Neal said...

I just finished catching up on your Asian vacation. Sounds like a fascinating time you had. You guys just go and go. I prefer more leisurely vacations myself.

At 3/15/2005 8:45 PM, Blogger eBohn said...

Howdy, Neal. Actually, the vacation posts aren't finished yet... I kinda got lazy last weekend.
This was the first vacation I planned by myself, and probably the last I'll be allowed to plan without supervision. I enjoy busy vacations. That's what I grew up with, although perhaps not this nonstop. In hindsight, we (I) should have allowed a little more "down time." Rie never experienced the "family summer vacation" phenomenon as a child, and for a number of reasons was exhausted by the end of this trip. From now on it'll be one day of chill for every two of movement.


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