Aug 18, 2004

Two-for-one at A.G.

Two Iraqi prisoners have been killed by US troops during a disturbance at the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad, the US military says.

The trouble began when guards saw a large group of detainees attacking a fellow inmate, a statement said.
. . .
The US military said guards had issued verbal warnings to stop the riot in which detainees were using stones and tent poles against the fellow inmate.

However, the situation continued to escalate and the number of detainees involved swelled to over 200 "resulting in the use of non-lethal rounds to disperse the group".

"When this failed to quell the situation and it was determined that a detainee's life was still at risk, lethal force was authorised, and the situation was brought under control." (BBC

So, do they store the stones and tent poles in the prison library?


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