Mar 29, 2004

Please excuse our mess, etc.

So, it's been a week since the last dailysoy. I trust you've all been playing nicely in the meantime.

The main cause for the downtime here was a much-needed OS upgrade on my trusty laptop computing machine. This is something I should have done aeons ago, but I was either too lazy or in the middle of a translation project. Last week I had nothing better to do (i.e. work) and had just read .jasonblog.'s praises of OS X v.10.3.3.

So I did it. Now my little iBook thinks it's brand spankin' new all over again. Web pages appear in my browser more life-like than ever. And I realize that, to the rest of you, Ambassador Baker's picture probably always did show the full 3/3 of his face. Stupid Internet Explorer.

Anyway, dailysoy is back up to speed. And with a new mission statement, to boot. Unfortunately, the blog-in-blog "soy of the day" can't shake it's blogger bar at the top. Any suggestions?

Side note: last week we also filed our initial batch of immigrant visa application forms with the embassy.


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