Dec 8, 2004

Random pic #1: Tokyo International Forum

The Tokyo International Forum end-on, at night.


At 12/08/2004 10:31 AM, Blogger John said...

Did you take that?
It's a nice shot.
Makes good wallpaper.

At 12/08/2004 9:08 PM, Blogger eBohn said...

Hey John,
Yeah I took it. Yesterday was a day off, and I went on a nightscape-shooting rampage. Are you using it as wallpaper? If so, would you like me to send you a higher res version?
Thanks for the calendar and hip tissue books... they arrived a couple days ago. We're putting together a package for y'all now. Any requests?

At 12/09/2004 11:45 AM, Blogger John said...

No requests.
But you'll be glad to know my sister loooooves the Hidomari no tami and ours are content all hours of the day. We have them located right next to a couple lamps, so they bob their little heads night and day.

Oh, I do have one request. You guys wanna meet us in NYC for New Years? I know New Years is big deal in Japan but it would be fun to hang out in there for New Years. Just kidding, of course, but we should find a time next year to all go there.

At 12/09/2004 11:46 AM, Blogger John said...

Oh, instead of sending me a hi-res of that pic, maybe send me a bunch at some point. I'd love to see the other stuff you shot.


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