Dec 4, 2004

Kotowaza of the day: Hawk kung fu


Nou aru taka wa tsume wo kakusu*

Meaning of Japanese:
The clever (adroit, savvy) hawk conceals its claws when they are unneeded

English equivalents:
Who knows most speaks least
Still waters run deep

*I will employ on this site a standard of romanizing Japanese that avoids "long vowel" diacriticals over what are essentially extended vowels. Aside from cases where a popular romanization already exists in exception - such as Tokyo instead of Toukyou - vowel extensions will be romanized according to the kana spelling. Thus "nou" above is simply pronounced as "no" with an extended "o" sound.

Update: On a related note, I just read that Rumsfeld has accepted a request to stay on as Secretary of Defense.


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